Flash your Brand Identity

Unique way to Flash your Brand Identity

Promotion is nothing but a way of increasing recognition, remembrance and awareness about any company's brand or product, among the market, audience or industry. Promotion is also done to remain constantly in the eyes of the audience. Every organization or company is better known with better promotion. For this every advertiser looks for new, innovative promotional tools that can effectively increase brand awareness.

Describing Promotional Pendrives?

Unlike mobile laptops and other things, pendrives are one of the most necessary things which we use in our daily life. In one word it is a portable storage system that has replaced CD, floppy and zip drive disks. It can store data for unlimited period and maintains the information, when unplugged from the computer or left in when the computer is powered down. Thus their in expensive and easy availability promotional or marketing purpose particularly within the technical and computer industry circles.  

Pendrive can be made in the product shape or may have the company logo. This kind of tool helps in making good relations between the company's its clients and customers . On seeing the pendrive the clients or the customers can take it as a unique gift of attachment; or they might think that the company has given them a useful product for use. Pendrive is such a tool which suits every promotional need.

How Promotions are Done Through a Pendrive?

We all know pendrives are used for storing data. So the promotions on pendrives should be done in such a way that the message they want to convey reaches to the specific audience and they don't omit them for the sake of using the pendrive for storage purpose.  

One way of promotion is that company logo can also be engraved on both the side. The other way is the pendrive is made exactly in the shape of a product. For instance flexible-face materials are evolutionizing the use of winnings . 3M's films, eradicable substrate and seamless white awning substrates are among the most popular solutions in the market.

Ways of installation

Once you have planned about every thin-g that is -materials design theme; it's time for installation. There are two ways the old way and the new way. 

  • The older the traditional way requires building frame with specification as using steel and bolts . It might require two persons between two-to-four hours to tension the face of an 8'X10' awing.
  • The new way consumes less time in fabricating the awning it is known as milliken's staple system, its a user friendly system where you just have to attach fabric to a structurally sound aluminum frame. A single person can tension the same face in less the an 20 minutes.

Advantages of Awnings

  • Being a simple yet traditional medium it has its own benefits which highly attracts customers as well as the business owners.
  • Awnings generate more revenue opportunities as companies offer innovative new materials ,design and installations according to advertising trends.
  • Cost of production is very less. The fore this means that the customer is getting top notch product at a much less price.
  • Awning adds finishing touch to the outer ambience of the building.
  • Along with bringing shade to your store , it also helps in lowering air conditioning bill and prevents sun glaring in side.
  • Moreover awning calls attention to your store or business while shading your entrance.
  • Logos, business name street address, telephone numbers and web site address can be displayed on the awnings.
  • Awnings can give your building a distinctive look and can also give directions such as "look for the building with the red awning".
  • It can be changed according to the changing trends . For example many companies are offering front lit design of awning rather than the traditional back lit one.

In The End

Awning is one such technique which can enhance and boost the present changing advertising scenario. It is again a cost effective medium which catches attention very easily. And moreover along with the advertising purpose it also encourages the betterment of buildings outer ambience. So don't wait and try out this old but new medium which can fulfill not just one but your other requirements. A soft drink company will make the pendrive in the shape of the soft drink bottle.

Some times the pendrive is kept blank for the customer's use and is just used for the advertising purpose. However , often the pendrive storage a may be preloaded with graphics documetations web links, flash animation or other multimedia and even free or demonstration software , in some cases these pendrives are only for read only purpose, the user cannot use it for his or her own storage purpose. This process censures that the original promotional data remains intact and is not deleted to free the capacity as well as it reduces the possibility that the pendrive will become infected with virus or any other thing before reaching the customer. An alternative is that same drivels can be configured with two separate partitions: one read-only (preloaded with the promotional data) and another writable and bland for the end-user's use.

Pendrives can also be set up with an autorun feature to display or start up preloaded presentations. Websites and articles immediately on insertion of the drive. This can be accomplished by saving file called autorun. If in the root directory of the drive. The auto run feature is often used on promotional flash drives to increase the probability that the recipient reads the preloaded promotional material or visits a particular website.

Benefits We Can Get Using Promotional Pendrives

  • Extremely useful and highly functional product- as they are convenient to use portable distributes specific content or information promoting the company with the available data upload.
  • Continuous viewing of logo and message-anyone who see the pendrive, automatically his or her eyes will go on the logo or the massage printed on the pendrive. These imprints will continuously bolster your brand identity.
  • Inexpensive medium pendrives are easily available at a very low cost and to get your logo and message a printed will cost few more .on the whole it will cost less than other medium.
  • Reusable-it can be used again and again, as you can delete the content and store many other things.
  • Great Giveaways-it can be used as a reward given to those who buy products off your brand. Or these can be trade show or grand opening giveaways . You can also hand them out at any corporate event, convention or conference.

On The Last Note

As pendrive is one of the most common things to be used in day to day life . So include these in your business and corporate world also. Load your presentations inside and print your logo outside. Next time when you send a proposal or reward anyone customize the pendrive in your own way. Professionally enhance your brand visibility and make and easy way for your brand to stand our from the crowd.